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Public DMPs

Public DMPs are plans created using the DMPonline service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

Project Title  Template  Organisation Owner Download
Optimizing Medication Use and Treatment Decision-Making for people with Chronic Kidney Disease Swedish Research Council Template Karolinska Institutet Juan Jesus Carrero (new window) Opens in new window
Primary care Online Emotion-regulation Treatment (POET) KIs Template for Swedish Research Council DMP Karolinska Institutet Jannike Nilbrink (new window) Opens in new window
Effects of early nutrition on brain development and cognitive / behavioural problems in children Swedish Research Council Template Umeå University Magnus Domellöf (new window) Opens in new window
Care2report: The development and testing of automated medical visit summarization as integrated solution to enhance time with patients and reduce administrative burden in clinical geriatrics Data management ZonMw-template 2019 Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) Lourens Kraft van Ermel (new window) Opens in new window
Мониторинг сайтов DCC Template British library Natalya Redkina (new window) Opens in new window
CARA Health Research Board DMP Template University College Dublin Akke Vellinga (new window) Opens in new window
“ Cultivo de Dunaliella salina para el aprovechamiento de carotenos como alternativa productiva en las salinas de la Bahía de Cádiz” DCC Template Other Claudio Mougan (new window) Opens in new window
Exploring glycoproteins in Alzheimer's disease: Mass Spectrometry insights into Disease Related Abnormalities and their ramifications 1 - VU DMP template 2021 (NWO & ZonMW certified) v1.4 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Amalia Kontochristou (new window) Opens in new window
PhD research: Training healthcare providers on communication via a virtual agent simulation TU Delft Data Management Plan template (2021) Delft University of Technology Mohammad Al Owayed (new window) Opens in new window
Trypanocide usage practices in Uganda National Institutes of Health (NIH) University of Edinburgh Keneth Iceland Kasozi (new window) Opens in new window